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A structure that can be used, by law, as landlords, must include a number of beds within 12, divided into a maximum of 6 rooms, distributed in 1 or 2 apartments located in the same building. They can provide meals; the minimum length of stay is 7 days. In this, it differs from bed and breakfasts, hotels, lodges and guesthouses. These data are established and confirmed by the current national legislation, and further details are established in the local regulations. The SUAP “Portello UNICCO Production Activities” and is the reference office to contact to obtain all the necessary information and explanations. See SUAP Friuli Venetia Giulia

Table of contents

  • What is the purpose of opening a landlord business?
  • Requirements for renting a room
  • Professionally rent rooms
  • The rates of the landlord
  • Tax obligations of the landlord
  • Is it better to open a business as a landlord?

What is the purpose of opening a landlord business?

If you have unused apartments and want to functionalize them for income purposes, the landlord is a smart idea. The customers who turn to the accommodation facilities are usually tourists who want to make short stops during their travels. Other very common types of  clientele of landlords  are:
– off-site students
– people who, for family reasons, have left the family roof waiting for new accommodation
– commuter workers
– artists

Requirements for renting a room

If you want to rent rooms occasionally, without making it a profession, you do not need to open a VAT number or register with the Chamber of Commerce. However, it is mandatory that the operator has a domiciliation in the building where the rooms are rented. However, he will have to document his activity, the identity of his customers and the rental periods.

The documents to be sent electronically to the SUAP are:
– identity documents of the operator
– possession of the moral requisites of the operator
– documentation of the property
– certificate of possession of hygienic-sanitary requirements
– plan made by a technician

Professionally rent rooms

If the intention is to take advantage of one’s apartments to start a continuous and professional activity of landlords, it is necessary to open a VAT number. The activity will be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. The owner must not be domiciled in the building in question. All the documents already mentioned in the previous paragraph must in any case be sent to the SUAP.

Technical Requirements:

It is necessary that there is a bathroom for every 3 rooms, one of which is functionalized for the disabled. Each rented room must be equipped with one or more beds, a wardrobe, a table with a chair and a wastebasket.

Moral requirements:

To legally perform the landlord service, the operator must guarantee the customer some comfort. Daily cleaning of the room, clean linen twice a week, independent access to the property and a copy of the keys. Furthermore, the rates must be clear and transparent, displayed at the entrance and on the door of the rented room. Of course, water, electricity and gas are included in the rental agreement. Where possible, the assistance of a concierge or waiter must be guaranteed 24 hours a day.

The rates of the landlord

The prices to be applied to the rental of a room tend to be at the owner’s discretion. It must be borne in mind, for a good success of the business, that the landlord is the alternative to hotels, residences or apartments for rent. In drafting the price list it is advisable to think about this and propose rates suited to the type of structure that is offered.

Tax obligations of the landlord

The owner of a rental facility must issue the customer with a duplicate receipt. The revenues received from the activity must be declared, the following year, at the time of filling in the 730 or the UNICCO. The item to be used for the declaration of such income will be, in the case of occasional rentals, “income other than the main one”. A € 2 duty stamp must be added to receipts exceeding € 77.47.

Is it better to open a business as a landlord?

Yes, if you have an empty apartment and live in an area where the service is required. For example, in university cities, frequented by many students, or vacation spots. Excellent investment even if the property is near a hospital or a company that has many commuter workers in its workforce.