permission to build

The building permit is an administrative provision issued by the municipal authority, which authorizes the urban and building transformation of the territory. The municipality issues the opinion after examining compliance with urban planning tools.

Permit to build: General

The building permit was introduced with the DPR 6 June 2001, n. 380 Consolidated text of legislative and regulatory provisions on construction. The decree replaced the previous institution of the Building Permit pursuant to Law 10/77 (Cd. Bucalossi Law) and the Building Permit pursuant to Law 457/78. The concurrent competence in urban planning / construction between the state and the regions has then prompted many regional administrations to legislate on the subject. Regional rules tend to regulate the scope. The interventions subordinated to the prior issuance of the Permit are therefore also indicated in the relative regional laws.

The building permit is requested by the subjects who have the right to carry out the interventions. Simplified procedures are not allowed and it is subject to the payment of concession fees. Generally speaking, new constructions and building or town planning renovations of a certain importance are almost always subject to the issue of the Permit.

What documents must be attached to the Building Permit?

  • project – drawn up by a professional licensed to practice the profession;
  • technical report with detailed description of the works to be carried out;
  • certification of town planning / building compliance;
  • compliance with technical regulatory requirements (e.g. anti-seismic, acoustic, thermal insulation, etc.).

If the intervention involves assets subject to particular protections (environmental, architectural, artistic, etc.), the issuing of the Permit to build is bound to the preventive authorization from the body responsible for the protection of the constraint.