Rent room rent room rent rooms online

If you have a large house and are struggling to make ends meet, this is the right opportunity to think about rentingroom! More and more people are looking for information on how to rent a room, in a legal and profitable way, to take advantage of their extra space and earn quickly and easily. Very often children or close relatives leave home to work in another city, live with other people or for other life choices. This context can be especially useful in large cities where tourists need cheap and temporary accommodation, or in those families who intend to rent a room to a permanent student. There is no need for any special permission or to open a VAT number. It is enough to be in compliance with the tax charges established by the law on rents to be able to start renting rooms immediately.

What the law says about transitional rents

The law on rents, 431 of 1998, regulates everything concerning rents and, since there is no limit, it can also be used for partial and periodic rentals such as those of room rental. The lease contract can take place freely or through associations while the duration ranges from a minimum of 30 days to a maximum of 18 months. There is no obligation to draw up a pre-established contract, on the web, it is possible to download the templates already filled in but it is not necessary. The landlord can write everything in his own hand, but remember to attach all the necessary identification documents.

This contract will then sign the actual room rental as it will be registered with the Revenue Agency.
What will be requested will be two copies of the contract, with original signatures and not photocopied; a revenue stamp must be placed on each page; you will have to deliver the registration tax and finally Form 69. The minimum duration of 30 days could be a problem for those who rent to tourists or passing people but there is a solution.

How to rent a room in the house for a few days

You can rent a room for a few days or for a period of less than a month and there is no need to register a contract, just write a private agreement signed by both parties. For each rental, it is necessary to issue a receipt and declare everything to the tax authorities (tax return). Rather, it is important to know that it is not permissible to rent rooms to several people for periods longer than 9 months, because otherwise, it is necessary to register your business as a commercial with all the appropriate tax regimes.

Clarifications regarding the IMU

Maybe the room you will rent belongs to the first house of which the IMU is exempt by law. In the case of room rent,  unfortunately, this is missing and if the cadastral income is 5% higher than the rent, then the tenant will have to pay only the IMU. Otherwise, if it is less than 5%, he will be forced to pay both IMU and IRPEF.
It is therefore advisable to think carefully about the possible decision to rent a room in your accommodation and to compare all the income and taxes to be paid.
For all legislative information and obligations, consult the institutional website of your municipality, such as the Municipality of Rome Capital