Venetian floor

The floor of any interior environment is destined to have a very important influence on the overall Interior Design. If you want to opt for a particularly luxurious and elegant creation, you can choose the Venetian floor. An excellent solution also for the renovation of a country house.

Table of contents

  • The ancient origins of the Venetian floor
  • Construction techniques: how they have changed over time
  • A valuable floor that can be created in many different ways
  • The economic variants of the Venetian floor
  • Request a quote for a floor

The ancient origins of the Venetian floor

This type of flooring has a very ancient history: its origins date back to the times of ancient Greece, and this construction spread to Italy in the following centuries due to the Roman domination. Today this type of flooring is defined as “Venetian” as it is rightly considered an excellence of Venice and other Venetian provinces. In these areas of Italy there are authentic masters who jealously guard an art that has been handed down for generations.

Construction techniques: how they have changed over time

The basic construction technique of this splendid flooring has remained the same. There have only been changes in the materials used. In the beginning it was made of ground terracotta and it was not uncommon for waste materials to be used for these creations. These materials were joined together by means of a binder and thus formed the Venetian floor.

Subsequently, the use of marble was introduced: more prestigious and appealing from an aesthetic point of view. This has helped to make these floors a real jewel. The improvements also concerned the installation techniques, as well as the materials used as binders.

These floors are now extremely scrupulously sanded and no disconnections are allowed on the surfaces. In indoor environments, moreover, there is a tendency to use elements with a much finer grain size, and this contributes to making these surfaces particularly refined.

A valuable floor that can be created in many different ways

Given its particular nature, therefore, the Venetian floor can be defined as a sort of mosaic. In some cases, these floors show off a more or less variegated mix of colors, so the various marble elements are juxtaposed together in a completely casual way. In others, the professionals who carry out these creations are called upon to create real works of art. They are in fact able to create designs, patterns, geometries and whatever else is requested by the customer. The Venetian floor can therefore present the most disparate characteristics, both aesthetically and technically.

The economic variants of the Venetian floor

There are also economic variants of the Venetian floor properly understood, that is surfaces created with elements in grit rather than marble, or made using less expensive binders than lime. Even these variants can offer a splendid glance, but the Venetian floor properly understood, what is considered an extraordinary Venetian art, is undoubtedly the one made of marble.

Request a quote for a floor

To find out what kind of expense should be foreseen to create a Venetian floor from scratch, it is necessary to contact specialized companies specifying a series of technical aspects.

In these steps, for example, you are asked to specify the dimensions of the flooring required, the type of installation desired, the materials with which you want to carry out the construction. Based on these specifications, companies will certainly be able to provide accurate estimates. It is useful to remember, however, that today there are several interesting tools on the web that allow you to obtain multiple quotes through a single request. For example, on the Casa Ristruttuzione Cost website, there is a specific form dedicated to requesting quotes relating to flooring.