For Conditions of Sale for Third Party Suppliers of an E-marketplace, we mean the contract that governs the methods of sale between the user and third-party suppliers/sellers within an e-marketplace. This is the document that establishes the rights and obligations of the parties in relation to online trading. The owner of the e-marketplace is therefore not part of the relationship governed by this document.

The e-marketplace is a digital platform through which multiple suppliers are connected with users interested in their products and/or services. The e-marketplace is therefore a sort of online market, with many shops and sellers, where the demand and supply of goods or services meet.

When using the terms and conditions of sale for third party suppliers of an e-marketplace

These terms and conditions of sale for third-party suppliers of an e-marketplace are used to regulate the conditions of sale between third-party sellers and users in the event that the user purchases or books the products and/or services offered by external suppliers directly on the platform. (e.g. an online marketplace where you can buy technological products offered by multiple sellers or book a plumber’s intervention directly at home).

In this case, this document should be mandatorily published on the site/app, and easily visible to meet the disclosure requirements dictated by the Consumer Code and Legislative Decree. N. 70/2003 (identification and contact details of the seller, characteristics of the goods and/or services, prices, taxes and delivery costs, payment and delivery methods, right of withdrawal, guarantees, etc.).

The violation of the disclosure obligations may result in penalties for the holder ranging from € 103 to € 10,000.

What do an application’s terms and conditions template contain?

Our conditions of sale for third-party suppliers of an e-marketplace meet all legal requirements and are customizable for all the most common types of sites or mobile or desktop apps. The main clauses concern:

  • Characteristics of the goods and/or services: brief description of the products and/or services offered which can be both physical and digital;
  • Prices and payments: to define the payment methods, prices, any taxes and additional costs;
  • Subscriptions: if provided, it will be possible to adjust the times and methods of renewalcancellation and trial;
  • Delivery and right of withdrawal: establishes times, costs and delivery methods, the withdrawal and return of goods according to the obligations established for each specific type of product or service;
  • Legal guarantee of conformity: to comply, if necessary, with the obligations of consumer protection in the event of the purchase of defective products or products that do not respond to the declared use;
  • Liability: to exempt or limit the responsibilities of the owner, avoiding any requests for damages;
  • Copyright: to prohibit the exploitation of the application contents, or choose a Creative Commons license that allows you to copy and distribute the contents for commercial or non-commercial purposes;
  • User registration and content: managing registered users and uploading posts, comments or other content to effectively regulate your community in all cases of abuse such as copyright infringement, violence, spam, etc.;
  • Privacy: the regulation of the processing of users’ personal data;
  • In English: if your customers are foreigners, you can also create the document in English.

After the purchase, we will guide you step by step through all the subsequent formalities necessary for your document to be duly constituted.

For special needs, it is always possible to request additional changes to our legal team.

Information you need

To complete the document, all the data of the site or app and of the owner are required.

The document can be modified free of charge in all its parts without time limits. Don’t worry so if you don’t have all the information available during the interview, you can always enter it later.

Other names

The terms and conditions are also known as:

  • Terms and conditions for third party suppliers of an e-marketplace
  • In English: Terms and Conditions for Third-party Providers of e-marketplace
  • Conditions for sale on an e-marketplace (Amazon)
  • Terms of Use for selling in an online marketplace

Other useful templates and facsimiles

  • E-marketplace Membership Conditions: to regulate the relationship between the owner of an online marketplace and suppliers who sell products and/or services to users
  • Terms and Conditions of use between the owner of an e-marketplace and users: to regulate the rights and obligations of users and the owner of the digital platform
  • Privacy Policy of a Website or an App: to inform the users of a website or an app about the use that will be made of their personal information
  • Cookie Policy: to inform your site visitors of the cookies you will save on their browser