The Letter of Commitment to Employment is a document with which an employer undertakes to hire an employee in the future. Typically, the letter is drafted as a hiring proposal and is first signed by the employer and then presented to the candidate for signing for acceptance.

By signing the letter of commitment to hiring, the parties conclude a real employment contract with deferred effect. It is therefore a different document from the letter of intent with which, on the other hand, the conditions of possible future recruitment are only recorded, without however assuming any commitment.

The employment letter is used to unambiguously specify the essential data of the employment contract. In particular, it is preferable to indicate the qualification and employment duties, the future start date of the relationship, the salary and any national collective bargaining agreement (CCNL) applied. In addition, by using a written contract, additional conditions can be established such as a non-competition agreement, reduced working hours or an expiration of the contract (fixed-term).

When using the employment proposal letter

Our proposal letter of intake can be used to play in the future a worker, an employee or a framework. To commit to hiring an executive or manager, however, you must use the employment contract for executives. The letter of commitment can cover both permanent and fixed-term employment.

This is a document that can only be used to hire employees. It is not possible to use the letter of the promise of employment to undertake to conclude a contract with a self-employed person (a freelancer, a consultant, etc.) in the future. In this case, it will be necessary to use a continuous service contract or a work contract.

The letter of employment is generally used if the employee to be hired has to leave his current job and wants to have a guarantee of future employment. Additionally, the hiring commitment letter can also be used to “lock” an employee for a job that is not yet available (for a new location, for a new department, etc.).

Also, you cannot use the letter of commitment for taking verbalize the terms of a futures contract of employment without however engaging in recruitment. In this case, in fact, it will be necessary to use a letter of intent.

What the hiring commitment letter template contains

Our hiring commitment letter meets all legal requirements. The main clauses included concerns:

  • Start date: to indicate when the employment contract will begin
  • Qualification and duties: to describe the activities required of the employee
  • Working hours: to provide full-time or part-time working hours
  • Trial period: a first period of work, with fewer restrictions on the termination of the relationship, to verify that both employer and employee are satisfied
  • Salary: with a guide for respecting the minimums
  • Bonus: the possibility for the company to offer its worker a discretionary bonus
  • Commission: to offer the worker a percentage of the sales he makes as an incentive
  • Holidays and leave
  • Food stamps

Once you have downloaded your contract we will guide you step by step to complete all the necessary subsequent obligations. Furthermore, as an additional service, we will be able to help you in starting and maintaining the employment relationship correctly (pay slipscontributions, etc.).

Information you need

All parts data are required to complete the document. If you don’t know where to find this information we will help you with creating the document.

Remember that our service does not generate a simple facsimile of a letter of commitment to hire. Based on your choices, the system automatically elaborates a customized document model for your exact needs, guaranteeing its legal correctness.

The document can be modified in all its parts without time limits. Don’t worry so if you don’t have all the information available right away, you can always enter it later.

Other names

  • Letter of employment
  • Hiring proposal
  • Promise of employment
  • Subordinate employment contract for employees

Other useful templates and facsimiles

  • Fixed-term employment contract for employees: to hire a worker for a predetermined period of time
  • Employment Contract for Executives: to hire a manager or executive
  • Contract of Employment on Call: to use the employee’s work at intervals of time as needed
  • Non-Competition Agreement for Employees and Executives: to prevent the worker from going to a competitor at the end of his employment relationship
  • Agency Agreement: to engage an agent to sell a company’s products or services
  • Dismissal Letter: to notify an employee of the termination of the employment relationship
  • Letter of Resignation: to communicate to the employer the intention to terminate the employment relationship